Customer Feedback

07 / 01 / 2022 | General

It's lovely when we receive messages like this from our clients, it makes the whole team's hard work all the more worthwhile.

We know all the small details matter to you, which is why when you walk into a Hazeley home you can immediately feel the difference.
That attention to detail permeates through all the team members at Hazeley and comes into play when designing your homes, sourcing materials, the build process and how your home is finally presented to you.
For example:
Our designers look at each room in your home and how you will use it to maximise your use of space.
When procuring materials our team not only focuses on quality, but will consider colour palettes and those little extra touches that set our homes apart, such as running ducting to enable future electrical supply.
Every stage of our build not only goes through our own rigorous tests, but is independently inspected too.
We don’t expect you to snag your homes.  We see this as our responsibility, which is why we go room to room before you move in to ensure everything is as it should be.  We want you to enjoy your new home and focus on settling in.